What is Paintless Dent Repair?

The best way to repair the exterior of any car in Pineville & Charlotte, NC.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is the process preferred by insurance companies and automobile manufacturers.

PDR — a highly skilled method of removing dents — is done by accessing the backside of the dent and gently massaging the sheet metal back to its original shape using unique, specialized tools and techniques. And since Paintless Dent Repair preserves your vehicle’s original factory fit and finish, its value actually increases!

Major insurance companies prefer that you use PDR to repair damages because it’s faster than conventional repairs, preserves the vehicle’s safety features, and does not alter the manufacturer's warranty. Here are the major advantages of using Form and Finish PDR LLC over a traditional body shop.

Preserves the Original Fit and Finish

Body shop dent repairs start by grinding the paint off, welding a stud on the damage to pull the dent up, then filling in the lows with body filler and then attempting to match the factory color. Form and Finish PDR LLC removes the dent from the inside and massages it out without the grinding, filling or repainting.

Preferred by insurance companies

When there are dents on brand new, ready-to-ship vehicles, factories demand paintless dent repair. When your car is damaged, your insurance company will insist on paintless dent repair to restore your vehicle’s look to its original condition. And where would you turn to if not the best?

Lasts a lifetime

Choosing Form and Finish PDR LLC means you don’t need to worry about fading paint or body filler shrinking and cracking in harsh weather. We are so confident in our repair method that we provide a lifetime warranty.

Saves time

Your car might have to wait in line for a few weeks before the technician even looks at the damage. You’d then have to wait some more for epoxy to cure and paint to dry. Form and Finish PDR LLC can remove most dents within the day!

We can also process your hail damage insurance claim from start to finish! All you need to do is file a claim and let Form and Finish PDR LLC handle the rest!

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A traditional body shop repair process would have involved painting the door, hood, and bumper cover, just to match the rest of the original color. With Paintless Dent Repair, none of that was necessary.