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Form & FinishPDR & Ceramic Coatings

Form & Finish PDR is Charlotte North Carolina's leading automtive correction and protection specialists. Certified and trained in paint correction, painteless dent repair, hail damage repair and ceramic coatings. We'll make sure your vehicle's paint is like new and will stay that way with our ceramic coating services. If your vehicle has been damaged in a car accident, or minor fender bender, and you've been left with a ding, dent, or major crease in the vehicle then learn more about our paintless dent repair services, and what exactly paintlesss dent repair is. If you've experienced hail damage here in Charlotte and not sure what to do or who to call then learn more about what to do if you have hail damage.

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Paintless Dent Repair

Reapir dings, dents, creases and more without taking your vehicle to a body shop. Increase your cars value and keep your oem paint. Learn More

Hail Repair

Certified PDR Shop

Have hail damage? We'll work with your insurance to get your vehicle back to new and ensure you have a hassle free experience. Guaranteed! Learn More

Ceramic Coatings

Shield Ceramic Coatings

Protect your car, truck, or suv with one of our ceramic coating services in Charolotte NC. Stop annoying scratches, knicks and chips and have a high gloss finish that's easy to clean. Learn More

Paint Correction

No More Swirls

Get rid of swirls, scratches and other imperfections with out paint correction services here in Charlotte NC. Learn More

Charlotte's #1 Choice For PDR

Traditonal dent repair at a body shop means your car will spend the next few days parked in the back until a technician reviews the damage. The technician then follows a traditional body shop repair method which involves aggressively grinding off the paint, filling the dent with epoxy, and attempting to match the factory color of your vehicle (which is almost impossible). If that makes you feel uneasy, that's because it should! Your car is more than a valued possession, it's also an investment. Form and Finish Paintless Dent Repair removes dents, by skilfully and intricately massaging the dents away. The factory paint is preserved, no car fax report is generated and most dent repairs can be done in less than a day! There is a better way when you trust Form and Finish with your pride and joy! Don’t let your car go through the harshness of a body shop -- choose Form and Finish PDR LLC

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What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

The only repair technology that increases the resale value of your vehicle

Preserve Factory Finish

Body shops grind and fill dents with putty and paint over them! Form and Finish PDR LLC actually removes the damage by accessing the dents from within and carefully massaging them out to a beautiful finish.

Save time

Waiting for epoxy to cure and paint to dry means that removing the smallest of dents puts your car out of commission for days. We can fix most dents in less than a day. Learn More

Manufacturer Preferred

Manufacturers and insurance companies typically demand paintless dent repair on damaged vehicles, and no one does it better than Form and Finish PDR LLC.

Lifetime Warranty

PDR isn't only about better-looking repairs, but also about long-lasting results, and we're so confident in our method that we provide a lifetime warranty for all repairs.

What To Do If you Have hail Damage

  • contact insurance company and file a hail damage claim

  • contact form and finish with your claim # and schedule an appointment for repairs

  • drop off your car and relax - We will handle the rest and call you when it's ready!

  • pick up your car and feel good again!

  • We work with all insurance companies and brokers. Enterprise rent a car is a stones throw from the shop so a rental car is only minutes away! Most repairs take 1 to 2 days whereas body shop repairs could take up to a week or more.


Paint Correction

Have swirls, scratches, or light abrasions on your hood, roof, panels, or entire vehice? We have multi-stage paint correction services to make your car look new again, whether it was scratche in a car wash, or out on the road. Our paint correction servies will restore your oem paint finish and ensure it's ready for any paint protection services like ceramic coatings.

Paint Correction


Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is an art that will restore your vehicles body while mainting the integrity of the oem paint. It maintains the value of your vehicle and allows you to avoid a body shop and having to report anything on a carfax report. Plus it's often far more affordable and requires less time. Make sure to call a certified paintless dent repair shop before a body shop when dealing with dings, or dents you want removed.

Paintless Dent Repair


Ceramic Coatings

Join the many car enthusiasts who are chosing to protect their vehicle with a ceramic coating. It's nanotechnology bonds to your vehicle's paint and seals the pores, not allowing dirt or contaminents to stain, or taint your vehicle's paint. It also creates a hydrophobic effect that allows dust and water to fall away, allowing for easy cleaning.

Ceramic Coatings