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What is Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)?

The only repair technology that increases the resale value of your vehicle

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    Preserve Factory Finish

    Body shops grind and fill dents with putty and paint over them! Form and Finish PDR LLC actually removes the damage by accessing the dents from within and carefully massaging them out to a beautiful finish.

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    Save time

    Waiting for epoxy to cure and paint to dry means that removing the smallest of dents puts your car out of commission for days. We can fix most dents in less than a day.

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    Manufacturer Preferred

    Manufacturers and insurance companies typically demand paintless dent repair on damaged vehicles, and no one does it better than Form and Finish PDR LLC.

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    Lifetime Warranty

    PDR isn't only about better-looking repairs, but also about long-lasting results, and we're so confident in our method that we provide a lifetime warranty for all repairs.

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    Ultimate Surface Protection

    Ensure your vehicles finish is protected, preserved and in tip-top shape with our Shield Ceramic Coatings. Extreme gloss, hydrophobic beading, self-cleaning, and rich color is just a coating away. Protect your investment with the ULTIMATE in ceramic coating technology - Shield Ceramic Coatings.


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20 years of Paintless Dent Repair experience has us removing dents that others just can't!

Watch Form and Finish PDR LLC undo the damage caused by a large patio umbrella that fell onto the hood of this vehicle.

So, your car is dented. . .

And you’re thinking of taking it to a body shop. . .

Your car will spend the next few days parked in the back until a technician reviews the damage. The technician then follows a traditional body shop repair method which involves aggressively grinding off the paint, filling the dent with epoxy, and attempting to match the factory color of your vehicle (which is almost impossible).

If that makes you feel uneasy, that's because it should! Your car is a valued possession, so skip the body shop and choose Form and Finish PDR LLC to maintain your vehicle’s factory finish while preserving its value. We are able do this by skillfully and intricately massaging the dents away, thereby restoring your car to its former showroom shine. And best of all, you'll get your car back within the day.

Don’t let your car go through the harshness of a body shop -- choose Form and Finish PDR LLC


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