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Paintless Dent Repair Services

Repair dings, dents, creases and more without taking your vehicle to a body shop. Increase your cars value and keep your OEM paint.

Hail Damage Repair. Have hail damage? We’ll work with your insurance to get your vehicle back to new and ensure you have a hassle free experience. Guaranteed!

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Paintless dent repair, also known as paintless dent removal & PDR is an environmentally-friendly repair method that effectively & efficiently restores the surface of your vehicle to its original factory-like condition. Our certified & highly trained paintless dent repair experts utilize special tools & skills to effortlessly massage out dents, dings, creases, and hail damage. With NO bodywork or paint matching ever needed, PDR is less time consuming and a lot more cost-friendly than that of traditional dent repair. While not all small dents & damage can be fixed utilizing paintless dent repair, like those with paint damage or protruding metal, the majority of small dents & dings are able to be repaired utilizing PDR. Pair our paintless dent repair service with one of our high-quality ceramic coatings for the ultimate paint protection and gloss enhancing package!


Hail damage is a very real thing with the U.S. seeing over 15 billion dollars a year in losses due to home & auto hail damage claims. Not only does hail damage leave your vehicle with small dents & dings throughout the entire body of the vehicle, it also helps to depreciate your vehicle’s resale value. Have your hail damage repaired & removed by one of our Pineville hail damage repair experts here at Form & Finish. We utilize paintless dent repair to gently massage out each and every one of those dings & dents due to hail damage. While it is the most cost-effective & convenient method, it is important to note that paintless dent repair for hail damage does take a little longer than your average paintless dent repair service. With so many little dings & dents maring your vehicle’s surface our experienced & highly trained auto dent removal specialists utilize their keen attention to detail to get your car back to looking its best.


If you are looking for high quality paint protection in Charlotte, NC look no further. Here at Form & Finish we pride ourselves on our attention to detail, skill & precision. We offer several services that will correct and protect your vehicle, including paintless dent repair, hail damage repair, ceramic coatings and paint protection film. Our love for restoring & preserving automobiles while helping to showcase their true beauty coupled with our exceptional customer service sets us apart from the rest. Utilizing the industry’s highest quality products our vast knowledge & certified training allows us to meticulously revive & rejuvenate your car, truck or SUV. Day to day wear & tear, automatic car washes and environmental factors all play a huge role in the many little imperfections that can be found all over your vehicle’s surface. From dings & creases thanks to grocery store parking lots, to small dents due to hail damage and fading and worn looking paint due to sun damage, we can help fix it all!


Shield ceramic coatings utilize nano-ceramic technology to provide one of the best paint protection & vehicle enhancement products on the market. Here at From & Finish we utilize the highest quality products coupled with our unparalleled knowledge & skill to provide you with the best ceramic coating Charlotte & surrounding areas has to offer. Having a Shield ceramic coating installed on your car, truck, SUV, or company fleet leaves your vehicle looking like you just drove off the showroom floor. With hydrophobic capabilities, the maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle has never been easier. And our ceramic coatings offer incredible protection against UV rays & oxidation while repelling dirt, bug splatter, road grime & chemical etching. Do you think you may be interested in a ceramic coating for your vehicle? Give us a call or fill out one of our quote forms. Our paint protection & collision repair experts are here to help with all of your automotive correction & protection needs.


Form And Finish Paintless Dent Repair auto dent removal & ceramic coating experts know the importance of providing the best experience from start to finish to each and every client. Our drive for perfection coupled with our skill, precision, experience & knowledge truly set us apart from the rest. Our excellent customer service & finished products speak for themselves. We are proud to provide the best paintless dent removal & ceramic paint protection services Charlotte & surrounding areas have to offer. Give us a call or fill out one of our quote forms. We look forward to working with you!

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